Established in 1976, LPKF in Garbsen fast made itself a name with their unorthodox procedures during the prototype inhouse manufacturing of printed circuit boards (LPKF stands for "Leiterplatten-Kopierfräsen" - translated "circuit board copy milling"). The CAD controlled milling technology was established as efficient and pollution free alternative to etching. At that time a revolution – today an often proven standard.

Success spoke for itself: Since this time we have customers in all countries and all industries. Going from a one-man operation to the internationally operating company.

With its broad product range LPKF covers the complete operational sequence of in-house prototyping. The beginning of the 90's was crucial in extending services offered, with the development from laser systems to direction disk production. Today the company is one of the world market leaders in the "in-house rapid PCB prototyping" and "StencilLaser" services. A status, which with the future-oriented and maximum of quality products is due to continue.

Altogether the company employs at present about 572 employees. World-wide LPKF customers are accompanied by subsidiaries and/or commercial representations.


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Mission Statement

  1. We work for the Success of our customers.
  2. We utilize success to sustainably strengthen LPKF.
  3. We focus on leading positions in technology.
  4. We work internationally and partnership-based.
  5. We deliver quality.
  6. We do our share to protect the environment.

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