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PCB Prototype Technology & Laser Material Processing

Established in 1976, LPKF in Garbsen fast made itself a name with their unorthodox procedures during the prototype inhouse manufacturing of printed circuit boards (LPKF stands for "Leiterplatten-Kopierfräsen" - translated "circuit board copy milling"). The CAD controlled milling technology was established as efficient and pollution free alternative to etching. At that time a revolution – today an often proven standard.

Altogether the company employs at present about 572 employees. World-wide LPKF customers are accompanied by subsidiaries and/or commercial representations.

  • Rapid PCB Prototyping
  • Stencil Laser Equipment
  • PCB Processing Technology
  • PCB Depaneling Technology
  • Laser-Direct-Structuring
  • Solar Equipment
  • Precision Drives
  • Welding Equipment